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Here you can find free rap beats and instrumentals. You will hear top quality hip hop music production at ProBangers (the best place for free beats for personal use. The category of beats and instrumentals that you will find here are as follows: rap beats, East Coast, West Coast, Southern, Crunk, Alternative Rap, Dark / Horrorcore, Gangsta, RnB, Underground, Mainstream and Industrial Hip Hop beats. Are you an aspiring rapper that would like to get a recording contract? Our beats will make your music hot! As an aspiring rap artist, you know that it takes more than just knowing how to rap in order to be able to get your work in front of a recording producer. You have to have a finished product to send to various studios. This means that you have to have the background rap beats to go along with your great voice. Many of you have no clue how to do this yourself so you need someone to make hip hop beats for you. We are that someone.


This is a wicked beat with palm mute guitar, low piano and distorted guitar throughout with the hook getting more energetic with strings

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Mission on a Sleepwalk

A pounding beat with a nice piano melody, muted guitar and eerie, hypnotic sounds. The hook gets more epic with stabs and horns. 102 BPM

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Losing my Mind

An emotional beat with some acoustic guitar, piano and a killer flute sample. 80 BPM

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At Pro Bangers we offer you free beats in order to further your music career. Now you are probably wondering what the catch might be and let us just say that there is no catch. This site is driven solely by donations and ads, so you do not have to pay anything in order to use our free, high quality instrumentals to supplement your great voice. You just simply click over to Pro Bangers and choose which hip hop or rap beats you want for your background music and get to recording. It is that easy.

If you do not believe us then listen for yourself. Once you listen you will be amazed at the quality of the free music that is offered. You can go ahead and throw the old adage that says, "You get what you pay for," out the door. This is definitely not the case with the music that you will find on Pro Bangers. You will find yourself wondering why it is free. Pro Bangers was born out of the love of music, it is that simple.